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Problem with macro toolbar

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asked Feb 6, 2019 in Studio One 3 by stewartgrant (200 points)

Mac Pro High Sierra 10.13.6 / Studio 1 Artist 3.5.6 / AudioBoxiTwo v1.33/  Roland TM-2(?)

Firstly let me say I thoroughly enjoy working with Studio 1 and I am learning every day...I've now been using on and off for 2-3 years, but primarily the last 15 months or so....but this is the second time within six months I have lost my macro toolbar.Unfortunately I am unable to access the solution you sent me last time as the page is no longer available so, on checking with the PreSonus website I've done the renaming of the command bar in the Macros folder but still there is no macro toolbar just a blank space.

Yesterday I was connecting my Roland TM-2 by midi cable out to Audiobox in for the first time and experienced some minor problems in getting the TM2 and Impact communicating - eventually I succeeded. Nothing with this problem I can remember I think would have influenced the macro toolbar. Then on opening a new song the toolbar and contents had disappeared. I use the toolbar quite a lot so ..please a) can you get my toolbar back and b) can you explain to me how to prevent this happening again as I have my toolbar set up with my own macros and it is very annoying to have to set them up all over again - is this a glitch in the programme. 

In trying to solve this Studio1 - my main programme icon is accessed from my desktop dock to my applications folder on my mac main drive ...but the main Studio 1 folder ( where the songs go) and with macros folder within it etc is on my Drobo drive..but I also just discovered I have an copy of Studio 1 in the actual Mac music folder on my mac pro too in a folder called Studio 1 which also has a macros file(is that from the initial set up and which is my main controlling programme ??)  - is this confusing everything - can I delete anything?  Thanks very much for your time .

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