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Smoothstep "S" Curves on Audio Clips

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asked Feb 8, 2019 in Editing by DarkEco (400 points)

For a sound designer, smoothstep curves are used all the time as they have a more natural feel in a lot cases. There needs to be an option to toggle this type of curve on the edge of an audio clip. This could of course be drawn with automation, however when working with hundreds of short audio slices it would add a huge amount of extra work. Reaper currently has a functionality where you right-click on the edge of a clip and a drop-down menu appears allowing you to select from a variety of curve types. Please add this functionality to Studio One.

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answered Jan 9, 2020 by robcolling (1,320 points)

I'm a professional editor moving to Studio One, and I'm genuinely staggered it doesn't have this basic and necessary feature.