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Automation Clips: Moving& saving&loading&duplicating automation data in a fast manner for effective workflow!

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asked Nov 13, 2021 in Editing by Michael1985 (12,820 points)

So imagine you have a new kind of Studio One file: automation data!

If you drag them from your browser to the project, they appear as automation clips, which can be dragged around, can be duplicated, can be stretched to make them faster/slower or shorter/longer, they can be moved from one automation track to another, the can overlie normal automation data, but if the clip automations are moved away, the normal automation is active again>>>so you can try in a fast manner different automations on different tracks with a perfect workflow!

This files behave like every other Studio One file: They can be dragged&dropped to the project from the browser like samples, VSTs a.s.o., they can be saved on your computer with drag&drop to the browser.

Also the editing is easy: You can duplicate them, delete them with one click, change the lenght, make ghost copies, change the color of the clips, , cut them, merge them and transform them into normal automation like the vice versa!

The files can contain complex automation graphs or just simple ones like a raise or repeating ones like a "step sequencer" right at your finger tips to use them straight on! So people who want a fast automation can create their own automation library and use them straight on for fast access without much editing!

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answered Nov 15, 2021 by alexnovack (600 points)
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check this out  "Automation Regions in Studio One"
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answered Nov 13, 2021 by paullearmonth1 (1,450 points)
Yes! I love this idea!