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UC Surface update for Android

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asked Feb 11, 2019 in StudioLive Series III by alibee (520 points)
What is happening re latest update for Android not working. Still getting "Unfortunately UC Surface has stopped working" on all my Android Tablets and mobile devices. YES I am using a version of Android which should work and so are my friends who are having the same issue. Why don't you provide at least one retrospective version of ANY update to enable us to at least go back to a known working version so that we can operate our systems until you iron out the bugs which are preventing our system from working.

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answered Feb 13, 2019 by jonnydoyle (383,910 points)
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answered Feb 11, 2019 by ontariochristianchurch (140 points)
I found a site that has older versions of apps that worked for me. I wouldn't trust it for a company/church computer just because it isn't a verified app. I had to change security settings on my tablet, but for me it was well worth being able to use both apps again. The same site has qmix UC if you search for it.