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Main bus is missing from UC surface and "Post" fade is missing from aux after the newest update.

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asked Feb 15, 2019 in StudioLive Series III by ryanworsham (500 points)
edited Feb 21, 2019 by ryanworsham
I have a series iii SL32 console mixer, an sl32 rack mixer, and an nsb 16:8, all running through the SW5e. The SL32r is running in monitor mix mode. I just did the firmware update on everything previously mentioned and added the nsb16:8 and the sw5e to the setup and everything is connected via AVB. For some reason once everything was updated and brought online I can no longer control the main mix from UC surface but I can control the gain, compression, eq etc for the main and the individual mixes . Also, just noticed my aux no longer have "post" fade. This is a nightmare for AUX fed subs.... Is anyone else having similar problems or does anyone know the solutions?
I have verified the permission settings are on FOH and not "all AUX."  The "main" button just above the FX is missing. Also the console is on a stand alone wifi from the rack mixer, for the "control."

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answered Feb 21, 2019 by ryanworsham (500 points)
selected Feb 27, 2019 by jonnydoyle
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SOLVED!!!!! Console had gotten changed from "stand alone" to monitor mixer. Once the console was switched to stand alone the main bus came back up and I was able to reapply the post fade to the Aux.