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Simple live view of audio input signal

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asked Feb 18 in Studio One 3 by jeffgreenspan (120 points)
I have a family member with a sensitivity to sound, so I am trying to diagnose several noise problems in my house. I am not an audio engineer. I've purchased a directional microphone and the AudioBox iOne, and they are connected to my Windows 10 laptop and seem to be working correctly. All I want to do is point the microphone at the sources of my noise and see a live 2d representation of the sound (amplitude and frequency). Is the noise coming in through the eaves or the window? If so, my amplitude will be higher when I point at the eaves than the window. What frequency is the sound? That will help me to determine what materials and building techniques I need to block it.

I do NOT want to record and then analyze the sound, as that will require that I make notes about where I am pointing the microphone and correlate that.

Thank you in advance for help with this simple task.

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answered Feb 19 by aryfh (1,680 points)
You need a plug in with an RTA to actually 'see' dominant frequencies.

The sound wave representation will not give you specific SPL in dB.