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8 routable WDM ins and outs in Presonus UC but only 2 recongnized by Windows system

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asked Feb 19, 2019 in Ai Mixers by mpproductions (150 points)
After searching here and elsewhere on the internet for a solution and submitting a support ticket myself (to which I received an absolutely useless response), I still can't get a meaningful answer to this question.  It's hard to believe that I would be the only one who found this specific issue to be problematic.  Here is what I just sent back as a follow-up response to my still open support ticket.  Maybe someone else here can shed better light on this than a Presonus tech:

Here are the facts:

1)  WDM stands for Windows Driver Model

2)  Non ASIO programs (usually anything other than a DAW) utilize and can ONLY select from the WDM input and output options that Windows provides (under “Sounds” Recording/Playback)

3)  Windows determines these system-wide DAW input and output options based on properly written and configured WDM drivers

4)  The StudioLive 24.4.2 AI is BOTH a "live board" AND an "interface" and was marketed as very robust and capable in BOTH categories.

5)  The StudioLive interface software (Presonus UC) allows for 8 routable WDM Inputs and Outputs

6)  Windows is ONLY recognizing a single stereo WDM input and output for the Presonus StudioLive “interface”.  Presonus UC should be able to notify Windows, based on how the 8 WDMs are routed by the user, that there are either 8 mono WDM in and out options or 4 stereo WDM in and out options that can now be provided to any program installed on the system.

After TONS of research (about 2-3 weeks worth) on my part, here’s the real question to which Presonus has not answered adequately for any similar inquiry in the online discussions…

WHY does Universal Control offer routing for EIGHT WDM ins AND outs if Windows is only able to recognize TWO each (specifically WDM 1 and 2 in/out)???  No matter how WDM’s 3-8 are assigned in UC, Windows does not recognize them and cannot offer them as additional WDM ins and outs that can be used by non ASIO programs…which, again, account for MOST programs other than DAW’s.  This is a nightmarish limitation for such an AMAZING piece of equipment and such and AMAZING brand.  It has caused me to have to add a cheap TASCAM 2 channel interface to solve my issue temporarily…and the TASCAM actually interfaces with Windows properly…giving 2 separate selectable WDM ins and outs ANY program on the system can choose from.

My determination is that Presonus UC was not written to properly interface with Windows.  If I am wrong, please explain in detail the purpose of the EIGHT routable WDMs when Windows can only recognize and utilize WDMs 1 and 2…with WDMs 3-8 being completely unseen by windows and, therefore useless.  If I am right, please have someone correct this in an update to UC as soon as possible and give all of us a time-frame in which we can expect such a software/driver fix.

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answered Mar 5, 2019 by danielsievert (11,820 points)
selected Mar 7, 2019 by jonnydoyle
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Having worked in pro audio retail for a long time and having used hundreds of audio interfaces I've come across this issue many times.  

WDM drivers can be presented to Windows in different ways.  They can be a single, unified multi-channel I/O port or they can be a set of separate stereo / multichannel I/O.  In my experience it's more common to see the single multi-channel (like what you're seeing on your mixer) than the other type.  

Most manufactures, knowing they are aiming their interfaces at a professional market, concentrate on the drivers for the professional programs. ASIO is of course the driver of choice on Windows these days particularly now that Pro Tools has also adopted it.

You will be able to use the WDM driver of the 24.4.2 more extensively via a program that gives more professional access to the WDM driver (such as Sound Forge, Vegas, Cakewalk) and perform routing functions via those programs.  Unfortunately Windows' access to its own driver system has always been less capable than DAW's because Windows isn't catering to a pro-audio market.
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answered Sep 10, 2019 by Chancellors (160 points)
Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but we have been using the WDM drivers for a few years as 4 separate channels to play backing tracks.  The key is changing the configuration of the Presonus audio drivers in the sound control panel.  It used to be easy to find it in Win7.  Now in the "easier" Win10 you have to hunt for it.  Under Sound in Settings, on the right in the Related Settings, there's a Sound Control Panel link.  Once you get in there, highlight the Presonus output and hit Configure.  Once inside there you can choose quadraphonic (which is what we use) or surround if you need all the channels.  Then you have to map the outputs to channels in the WDM setup in the UC app.  We've been experiencing 2 issues lately though:

#1 - Just to make your life more interesting, Microsoft has decided to reset the drivers to Stereo from time to time when booting, for your convenience.  I placed a link on the desktop to the Sound Control Panel so I can fix it quickly.

#2 - We have started to experience short pauses around a second or so in length when playing audio through Firewire.  It is rare and inconsistent, but it does happen.  During a 2 hour concert, it may happen once or twice.  I'm on this site right now looking for solutions to this.  Based on the first answer, I'm going to look into using ASIO drivers instead.