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Ubuntu Studio Commitment for Quantum and Studio One

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asked Feb 22 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by jeffbader2 (250 points)
Will PreSonus commit to making their audio interfaces like Quantum class compliant with ubuntu studio via USB as well as making a version of StudioOne compatible with ubuntu studio? It seems there is ample market for a linux commitment on a distribution tweaked for audio. It would be perfectly acceptable for PreSonus to also publish hardware specific requirements for both their interfaces and software. I understand tgat Thunderboldt may be a bridge too far at the moment hence the specific ask commitment for usb compliance on ubuntu studio.

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answered Mar 27 by philangus (8,520 points)
I doubt if there is anywhere near enough demand for this that would warrant the extremely high development work required to make this happen. You only have to think back to the day when Logic Audio was discontinued for the PC and continued exclusively for the Mac market. Work that one out!