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Multiple Studio One feature requests and bugfix requests, many of them related (hence the list)

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asked Jun 22, 2020 in Recording by simonjameslane (1,320 points)

Hi Presonus, 

Please forgive me I am new to the forums but have been using S1 since version 1, so I am more than happy to elaborate on these ideas and requests if it helps. Please also forgive the long list, I realise that many of them here span several different sub-categories—I have been saving them up for a while! 


  • Automation inside editor view, with multiple lanes possible to view side-by-side or layered on top of each other.
  • Greater flexibility in editor view with displaying multiple MIDI and or audio tracks (Bitwig Studio by comparison does this quite neatly and cleverly).
  • Track emphasis - make an armed track slightly louder while recording it if desired, at a user set amount e.g. 6db etc.
  • Rename Track keyboard shortcut.
  • Move channels and tracks wherever you want them(!) If there is to be synchronous control over Tracks and Channels then Console options like ‘Keep FX channels to the right’ etc. Should be options in the arrange view and function in an identical manner.
  • “Goto Play Start Marker” option in key commands and accompanying window.
  • Click + modifier key on a plugin to Bypass it.
  • The Delay in the Inspector panel to be automatable and able to put onto a fader of the Faderport series controllers or otherwise MIDI map to a hardware MIDI device.
  • After selecting multiple tracks in the Console Channel List then right-clicking and selecting Hide, those multiple selected channels should then hide, but I am not able to unhide them the same way as no Unhide option exists. The inverse option to ‘Unhide’ in the same manner should also be available.
  • Add tracks for selected channels. If I select a multi-output virtual instrument in Console I should be able to right click on those selected channels and and click “Add Arrange Tracks For Selected Channels” a la Logic Pro.
  • Screensets a la Logic Pro. 10 would suffice. Make them mappable to shortcut keys also.
  • Select and delete multiple takes/layers at once.
  • PDF Manual.
  • Embed relevant videos from Presonus YouTube channel into graphical in-app help would be a big plus (Gregor’s videos are great, lets get more of them nested in context so that they are really potent).
  • Scrolling within each pane in the Inspector so that you don’t have to resize the panels each time you need access to an obscured option.
  • Simplify the process of adding MIDI-only vs. MIDI-enabled external devices in Preferences > External Devices panel. Either clarify the lingo (MIDI Keyboard and MIDI Instrument could mean a number of things) or consolidate the roles into one type of device that the user simply ticks all the option boxes that they wish depending on their situation. Rather than, in the case of MIDI-enabled sound generating devices that one might often want to use as a controller AND sound module, having to add a device for each, then disregard the dialogue warning that spells out the imminent danger of assigning two or more MIDI devices to the same hardware-recognised set of ports. Really, the whole panel could be streamlined to be something like Ableton Live and the UI continuity would not be compromised. Setting up a MIDI-enabled guitar pedal, or Eurorack modular MIDI-CV converter, should be just as easy and straightforward as setting up an old-fashioned USB MIDI keyboard controller.


  • Strip silence sometimes does not recognise the true start of the audio information in manual mode regardless of Open Threshold settings.
  • When adding a new virtual instrument via the Console ‘+’ button, and then attempting to add audio tracks in the Arrange, virtual instrument outputs do not appear as available inputs for the audio track. (This does however usually work correctly if you add the virtual instrument and the audio tracks to route to it via the Arrange page).      


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answered Jun 24, 2020 by robertgray3 (42,190 points)
Just a friendly tip that the Studio One team has posted in here a few times-

Try to keep feature requests posted as separate, single-issue/concept requests. That's how they keep track of them and how they are voted on so by making it a list you're almost ensuring they won't have time to look into your suggestions.

Also bug reports sorta don't have an official place to go, but if you are very good at explaining how to recreate a bug and provide videos then usually a Support Ticket at Knowledge Base can help as they can relay it to the software team. If you're not rock-solid at that then the Community Support forum will usually get some attention, eventually, it just may take more back and forth with other users and moderators.
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answered Jun 24, 2020 by artoocrazy (740 points)
There is a PDF manual.  If you log into your MYPRESONUS account and go to my products, software downloads.

The manual is there.  It has the same content as the one attched to Studio One, but is easier to navigate and search.

The one atteched to the program is very awkward to navigate.
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answered Jul 25, 2020 by benreaves (11,240 points)

Lots of good stuff in here, but... since the list is so long, I would really recommend you split these out into their own FRs, not just for elaboration, but also so the software team can track them. Remember the Studio One dev team is super small, and these long lists can't be tracked that easily. Plus I'm sure people would love to see these feature ideas show up in the list of FR posts directly. I'll vote on several of them.

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answered Jul 30, 2020 by simonjameslane (1,320 points)
Hi guys,

I have taken your advice and begun submitting them as separate requests. Thanks for your feedback.

I have reached my submission limit for today and so will post the remaining few requests tomorrow or something.