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Studio one 4 professional audio box bundle

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asked Feb 27 in Studio One 4 by (120 points)
Hey quick question, I purchased the studio one 4 audio box bundle, was wondering what levels I needed to record in, and how to get to 0db and have the punch it needs without peaking?
I’m only recording vocals and acoustic guitar, what’s going on is, I have it sounding great, and everything all my mixing is studio quality and I’ve switched everything from mono to stereo on the mix i’m using bus channels and main output is at 0db and no peaking. Sounds great coming through the Eris 3.5 speakers but when i do a playback on my laptop speakers it has hardly any volume, I’ve increased the volume to 100 on my laptop, and it is still low volume playback, I can play other music on my laptop and it’s very loud can only turn it up to about 35 on the volume and it’s really loud. So I know it’s not a speaker issue, any tips on how to get the loudness and punch I need to do a mix down and ready for a cd? Without peaking above 0db on the main out?

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