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What is the different in quality between the XMAX-L and XMAX Class A ?

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asked Mar 3, 2019 in Recording Interface Series Feature Requests by paultaylor23 (120 points)
Hi, I've decided to buy one of you USB-C audio interfaces. I'm unsure whether to go for the Studio 26C or Studio 68C. I have a home studio and I also DJ, so both tick the boxes, but one thing I'm unsure about is the difference in quality between the Mic preamps XMAX-L and XMAX Class A. I like the the 26C for its USB bus-powered portability but am also thinking about the additional inputs on the 68C and the potential sound quality improvement.

It would be good to get some feedback so that I can choose the correct product for my needs.



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answered Mar 9, 2019 by amuniversum (2,030 points)

Difference between these preamps mostly in power usage. I have Studio 6|8 with 12V 1A adaptor. And if you don't know USB bus - 5V ~250mA.

Quality of these preamps are the same I think. But Studio 6|8 have much better headphone preamp. So, if you have high-ohm headphones your choice is Studio 6|8.