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What is true gain range in XMAX preamps in Audiobox VSL Studio, Digimax and Firestudio devices

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asked Feb 4, 2018 in Recording Interface Series Feature Requests by paweprzybylski1 (140 points)

Isn't there a mistake in some of the manuals of some of the Audiobox, Studio, Firestudio and Digimax devices? Most of them states that input gain range for mic XMAX preamps is 60dB +/-1dB. That excluding AudioBox VSL, and Studio 1824 / 1810 which has 80dB (-15 to +65dB) and Firestudio Mobile which has (-10 to +70dB). The problem is that in some manuals gain range is said to be -6/4 to +55dB, and in some devices it's -4 to 50dB. Which is strange since it won't give 60dB of gain range, and because other specs contradicts that. For instance EIN and Common Mode Rejection Ratio are stated for 55dB of gain, which presumably isn't there. So what is the truth with the XMAX preamps mic gain? It's important because I might want to use passive ribbon MXL mic with one of the devices?


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answered May 12, 2018 by HammyHavoc (1,170 points)
Did you ever find a solution to this? Currently use a Roland Octa-Capture and mulling over cross-grading to this for the higher gain pre-amps rather if they're any good for a passive ribbon mic.