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X-Touch + X-Touch extender BANK FADER CHANGES (only 8tracks)

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asked Mar 7, 2019 in Studio One 4 by janern (240 points)

i have question....

I have x-touch+x-touch extender (total 16faders) but the "BANK FADER" changes after 8 tracks only. Its not good workflow (i must hit the button twice). I wanted 24faders but I'm embarrassed now :(... Sad too.

I had CS18ai but was too laggy... x-touch isnt but... áááh.

Thanks for answer.


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answered Apr 19 by jeffreysloan1 (160 points)

Did you ever figure this out?
I have two extenders, Studio One 6, and the tutorial song has 110 tracks.
Banking 14 times to get to the last channels when I have 24 channels of faders is a real pain!