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Sending track level value to Avid Artist series controller in Mackie Control mode

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asked Dec 17, 2018 in Studio One 4 by colliderman (520 points)
I'm using an Avid Artist Mix series controller in Studio One 4 Pro in mackie control mode. It's working well except the values being displayed on the artist mix. The biggest issue is that the fader level is not shown on the display when the fader is being moved. Touching the fader makes the screen go blank until you release it, at which point the track name comes back up. The only way to display the fader level is to touch the pan pot on the artist mix.

Is there anyway to adjust this? I feel like I need some sort of mapping adjustment of controller parameters within Studio One, but maybe this can be done in some preference file somewhere?...

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answered Jun 30 by paulosergiosantanaesilva (160 points)
Good Morning.

I just migrated to Studio One. I have two Artist mixes and an Artist Control, I can't get it to work on Studio One 4.
Can you give me tips on how to do it?