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How to get a nice guitar sound?

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asked Mar 21 in Studio One 4 by andresgomez8 (210 points)

Hi people

So I have studio one 4 I use Ampire for my guitars but the sound is too awful impossible to play a solo cause it sounds too loud and the bass is impossible to get it right the sound is not bright and clean, I have 3 pedals Flahback4 Ibanez TS9tube screamer and TC electronics Fangs metal , the last one impossible to use in the DAW.the sound gets fuzzy and dry 

My question is any way to play a solo getting a bright sound not too dark or low distortion? 

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answered Mar 21 by everipper (810 points)
What is your audio interface? Did you set levels correct? Have you ever recorded live guitar before? Guitar mixing and recording is a big theme. You should look for videos on youtube about recording guitars. It's not hard and can be done with Ampire.