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Why I can't modify the location of an arpeggio marking once set on the score?

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asked Mar 24, 2019 in Notion by ulisesbrcenas (170 points)
When using an arpeggio mark on a guitar part, I can't move it and it overlaps a bit on the time signature marking. I don't know if that can be done? if so, how?


I have an iMac with Mojave and notion 6.

I'll appreciate your answers and comments. thank you

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answered Jan 27, 2023 by robinpetersson (240 points)
I have the same issue. The arpeggio marking can't be moved, and sadly it is not automatically placed very nicely. In my case the arpeggio marking is closer to the previous notes than it is to the notes being arpeggioed. A fix would be nice.