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Arpeggio doesn't work when starting playback on the arpeggiated chord

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asked Aug 28, 2019 in Notion by walterpaganini1 (510 points)

I have a grand staff in external MIDI mode. During playback, arpeggios get correctly performed (and very well so, I'd say); however, if the playback starts on an arpeggiated chord, all the notes of that chord play simultaneously as if the arpeggio marking wasn't there.

This happens, too, when using repeat signs: when the section being repeated begins with an arpeggiated chord, the arpeggio marking gets ignored on each repetition (but not on the first play, when the playback starts a bit before that first chord).

I only tried with upward arpeggios, I don't know about the other arpeggio markings, but it's likely that the issue affects those too.

Not a big deal, but having a consistent playback would make working with arpeggios a bit easier :)

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answered Jan 27, 2023 by robinpetersson (240 points)
My first arpeggio is my piece never plays, so definitively an annoying bug that clearly hasn't been fixed in 4 years since you wrote this. Do they make changes or are we stuck with all these bugs?