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I can't connect studiolive 24 with my android device

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asked Mar 28, 2019 in StudioLive Series III by Gerson Salcedo (130 points)
What I need to do to connect my android device to QMix or UC Surface? Presonus appears on device's screen, it's IP is recognized, but it never connects. On iPad is working fine!

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answered Apr 1, 2019 by technikgaw (300 points)
We observe the same behaviour for two of about 10 Android devices. There is a spinning circle, but they never connect. This has been going for a year, neither firmware updates of the mixer nor app updates have changed anything.

Both devices have a newer Android version, so maybe that is a problem.
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answered Jun 25, 2019 by timgallegos (140 points)
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I don't know if you got this fixed but I finally figured it out and thought I'd share. First, I need to say that I'm working with the SudioLive 24 Series 3 board and a Netgear 1750 wireless router that isn't connected to the internet. But I think these steps should work for most routers and boards (but don't quote me on that). Also, before you start make sure everything is updated to the latest firmware. 

What I did first was to get into the admin side of the router our board is wired to. (I think default for most Netgear routers is but I'd look it up for your specific router just to be safe.) 

From there, I navigated to the "Port Forwarding" section. Usually its under some kind of "advanced setup" tab or a "Firewall" tab

You then have set up the port forwarding address. I can't remember exactly where I found it but on one of the PreSonus supplied documents it says to open ports 47809 and 49669 UDP/TCP. Use both those ports for the internal and external port addresses (if it calls for both). Then for the internal ip address, put your boards ip address. If your board is connected to your router it should show up in the "connected devices" section of your router. You may have to look up exactly how to port forward on your specific router if you're having difficulty with that part. 

If in the admin side you can't find your board connected to the router then go to the board and press the UCNET button or navigate to your network settings on the board. If it has the ip address listed as starting with 169.254. that means the board isn't receiving a valid ip. If that is the case you can either set it up manually or press the dynamic button and that will automatically assign the board a valid ip address to the board. I'd recommend doing it manually because then the ip address you assign to it will not change. 


To do it manually, you will need to have a computer connected to the router either via cable or a wireless connection. In the computer's tool bar's search bar type "CMD" and that will bring up the "Command Prompt" app. Open that app and type "ipconfig". You should see some text come up at that point and what you are looking for is the "Subnet Mask" and "Default Gateway" line items. 

You can then go back to the board and hit the manual button on the control network section of the network settings. Come up with your own ip address for the board but the first 3 numbers need to be the same as the "Default Gateway" section on your computer connected to that router. (e.g. if the Default Gateway sections says then your boards ip needs to start 192.168.1. "something". the last number can be anything from 2-255.) For the Subnet Mask section, input exactly what is shown in the "Subnet Mask" on the computer. For the "Gateway" section, input what is shown on the "Default Gateway" on the computer. Then hit apply in the top right corner of the screen. It might take a couple of seconds to acquire your selected ip but once it does it should show up as the ip address. 

Then go back to the admin side of your router and input that ip from your board into the "internal ip address" section in port forwarding. If you selected "dynamic" on the board, input the ip address it gave you. Then save the changes to the router and go back to the android device you are trying to connect. On the home screen of the app it should display the ip address of the board next to the name of the board. If it doesn't close out of the app and re-open it. You should then be able to connect to your board. 

Hope this helps!