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Is there an option to assign an existing envelope to a new parameter?

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asked Apr 3 in Editing by coltonwood (130 points)
I'm missing this feature from Cakewalk (formerly Sonar). When you delete an insert effect that had automation written to it, the envelope remains. If you want to assign that inactive envelope to a new parameter, you have to copy every point of the envelope and then paste it to a newly created parameter, ensuring the points line up. It would be more flexible to be able to just right click the envelope and then assign it to a new parameter. It'd be a small improvement, but a time saver when working with a bunch of envelopes you'd like to audition to new parameters.

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answered May 20 by michaelglus1 (3,040 points)
I would like to have the ability to copy any existing envelope (active and inactive) to any other plugin parameter.