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Mixdown window improvements

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asked Apr 8 in Mixing by alekseymartynenko (1,430 points)
edited Apr 8 by alekseymartynenko
Mixdown window could have an improvement such as having editable file profiles, e.g. Premaster, Demo, etc.
Without it one needs constanly to change fileformat, publishing parameters and mixname.

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answered Apr 12 by davlet (4,220 points)
+ simultaneous MP3 + WAV mixdown option
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answered Apr 12 by alekseymartynenko (1,430 points)
+ Advanced Panel to select which tracks and folders to mute/unmute, to mixdown a minus vocals version, for instance.
commented Apr 15 by jonnylipsham (13,300 points)
To do a mixdown with the vocal muted:

1) open song

2) mute vocal track

3) Go to File -> Export mixdown

Takes about 8 seconds max. ;-)