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Improvements in bit depth and sample rate conversion

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asked Jan 30, 2023 in Mixing by wugsvksd (120 points)
edited Feb 3, 2023 by wugsvksd
Studio One is a great, easy to use, sounding and most favorite DAW. However, there is one thing I would like to see improved. That is Audio quality when convert bit depth and sampling rate. For example, when converting from 32-bit float to 24-bit or 96k to 44.1k. Compared to Pro Tools or Cubase, the internal converters seem to have problems. This is a very frustrating part because Studio One is a great sound, but the converters are ruining it. For this reason, I always export without converting bit depth or sampling rate in Studio One. and I use Wavelab for converting. I would like to be able to complete my work in Studio One alone.

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