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How do I create a Sub Out Channel for use with hardware monitoring?

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asked Apr 12 in Studio One 4 by brandonguergo (260 points)
I have been trying to understand the nuances of recording. I use a Studio 18|24 and essentially always listen through my headphones as to not disturb my family. I almost exclusively use Low-Latency Hardware Monitoring (green Z) with my analog synths, however sometimes it's easier to setup a couple of FX channels with a single reverb or delay to hear how a finished sound would come out.

In the manual it mentions “Monitoring with Effects”, sending an audio track to an FX channel with reverb, then using a Sub Out Channel to mix with the dry signal back at the hardware monitoring?

How exactly do I create and use a Sub Out Channel and what are they usually used for? Is a Sub Out Channel the same thing as a cue output?

Thank you!

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