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How do I create a Sub Out Channel for use with hardware monitoring?

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asked Apr 12, 2019 in Studio One 4 by brandonguergo (1,130 points)
I have been trying to understand the nuances of recording. I use a Studio 18|24 and essentially always listen through my headphones as to not disturb my family. I almost exclusively use Low-Latency Hardware Monitoring (green Z) with my analog synths, however sometimes it's easier to setup a couple of FX channels with a single reverb or delay to hear how a finished sound would come out.

In the manual it mentions “Monitoring with Effects”, sending an audio track to an FX channel with reverb, then using a Sub Out Channel to mix with the dry signal back at the hardware monitoring?

How exactly do I create and use a Sub Out Channel and what are they usually used for? Is a Sub Out Channel the same thing as a cue output?

Thank you!

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answered May 19, 2019 by tothrec (31,720 points)
A Sub Out or Bus is very similar to the Studio One Cue Mix in that both provide a copy of the signal and route it somewhere other than the channel specified in the track settings.

The difference is that Cue Mix can use your Presonus Hardware ("Hardware Monitoring") for effects processing, but you'd need to insert an effect into the designated Sub Out/Bus in order for that to work when using "Native" (make your computer do the work) processing.

For more details, Open Studio One, go to the Help Menu, open the Reference Manual and search for "cue mix".