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48v lights not shutting off (not responding) from SL32 console

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asked Apr 14 in Networked Stage Box by istvanpeterbracz (160 points)
When using the NSB-8.8 stage box with my SL32 series iii mixer, at times the 48v lights are not responsive. I get audio recorded just fine- but the lights are not giving me true information. On the console, I will go to shut off the phantom power- and it stays lit up on the NSB8.8. I've set it up according to directions, and recorded with it already several times- its just this problem seems to keep coming up. I've updated the firmware when I got the NSB-8.8, as well as the latest for the SW5E AVB switch, and the 32 series iii (and UC surface). I thought that this would take care of the problem, but I see that it persists. Am I the only one with this issue?

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