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See Notation from Finale 2014

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asked Dec 31, 2015 in Studio One Feature Requests by tomdavis (120 points)

Computer Make and Model:  Sweetwater Sound CS200v3/CS250v3

Operating System:  Windows 7 Home Premium

Processor:  Intel Core i5-4670 CPU @ 3.40 gHz

Installed RAM:  12.0 GB

System Type:  64-bit Operating Syatem

I have purchased PreSonus Studio One 3 as my first DAW.  I write virtually mostly large orchestral and choral works in Finale 2014.  While it is easy to import Finale midi projects into Studio One, I was told that in doing so I would be able to see the actual score notation for editing purposes.  How do I do that? So far I have only been able to see a graph for each instrument.



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answered Jan 1, 2016 by niles (53,860 points)
I'm afraid you've been misinformed. Studio One is not able to present score notations.