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Studio 1824C slows down Pro Tools startup and Payback Settings

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asked Apr 19, 2019 in Recording Interface Series Feature Requests by michaelmaher3 (220 points)
Ever since I installed Studio 1824C, I have had endless trouble starting Pro Tools and calling up the Playback Engine in the settings of PT. There is obviously something that is causing PT to churn on these processes. PT is far more established than PreSonus, so may I suggest your engineers consider this their problem to find out why their software is causing problems with PT. The issues I have experienced:

1. PT takes much longer to start - I have even reinstalled PT, and am using the latest version, to no avail.

2. Often PT crashes before I can open a file,

3. Opening Playback Engine from within PT take forever. Something is not working correctly here - it is a software issue that can be addressed in communicating with Studio 1824C (1824 - what happened in that year which makes it so special?)

4. Often PT will lose connection with the hardware - PT's way of saying it's lost connection with Studio 1824C. I don't know why, but it seems to happen more at the beginning of a session, or if I leave it unattended for some time.

PC, Win 10 (latest updates), USB C to USB C connection (USB 3), ADAT optical to Apogee Rosetta 800.

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