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Feature Request: Advanced Metering (for Professional Version)

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asked Apr 21, 2019 in Editing by henjay (2,190 points)

I only see this feature only being useful to and for Professional Engineers/Producers smiley. We need to be able to set our own 0dB levels similar to the Advanced Metering Options in Pro Tools (watch the video wink). This way we can determine how much sound pressure we want to read as 0dB on our meters. This is handy for users like myself who wants to match our outboard gear or audio interface gains to match the DAW and vice-versa smiley. Please add this in as an option in Studio One Professional ONLY, unless Artists need it too laugh!

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answered Aug 3, 2019 by nicolaikersting (240 points)

totally agree.

@PreSonus, please improve the Metering.
1. The 0 to +10 db clipping metering view is such unnecassary and only eats up space in the mixer view.
2. There should be invinity Readouts from the Peaks on the Channel. So you can identify much faster, if any channel is clipping.