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Ampire XT preset Midi Control

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asked Apr 23, 2019 in Studio One 4 by johnbrock3 (120 points)
I've looked around forums and communities and while there is a wealth of knowledge about midi setup, drivers and mapping in general I've not found a definitive answer to this question.  

Within Ampire XT, on Studio one 4 Artist I have set up a Berhinger FCB1010 midi footswitch pedal which is working well and I've been able to map most things as I need them. The question is this, is it possible to map either the existing presents to a single Midi switch or indeed to add new customer presets and assign each of these to individual switches? That seems to be the only thing I can't do and what I imagine for a lot of players would be a very useful feature and something I have to assume is possible. It would be a very weird ommision if it's not possible.   

Studio one 4 Artist running on Windows 7 64bit 8GB RAM

Interface is a presonus audiobox iOne

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