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IRs not loading with Ampire Preset in Studio One 4.0

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asked Jun 25, 2018 in Studio One 4 by lisarowe (3,800 points)
I have some IRs to simulate amp cabinets.  I set them up and saved presets in 3.5.  Great feature!

Using 4.0, when creating a new instance of Ampire and my presets, I see the IR files are listed in the appropriate windows but there's no indication that the files aren't there, no dialog box to ask if I want to go find them.  I 'control s' to save, I do not get asked if I want to copy the files to the song file.  And there is no appropriate sound coming from the Ampire to indicate that it is functioning as it should.

If I close the program and reopen it, I get the dialog box about the missing files, I go find them and everything sounds as it should.

It's a preset, it should just work.

Question: is this a bug or should I not expect it to work this way?


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answered Jul 15, 2018 by lisarowe (3,800 points)
Hey Presonus!

Is anybody actually monitoring this site?  Why bother asking a question here if no one will answer?  Not impressed.

: (