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How to downgrade classic studiolive mixers without a usb port? (16.4.2)

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asked Apr 25, 2019 in Classic Mixers by chaseedson2 (150 points)
I recently purchased a used studiolive mixer from a friend of mine. All 16 channels were working perfectly, until I performed a software update to use Universal Control, where now only channels 1-4 will register any audio and function normally, rendering 5-16 completely useless, they will not register audio at all. I've taken apart the entire mixer, and there are no loose cables inside the unit. I'm decently sure that this is a software bug. How can I go about downgrading the unit? I've already downloaded and old version of UC, but it won't recognize the board.


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answered Apr 26, 2019 by jonnydoyle (383,990 points)
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If your StudioLive mixer's factory presets were lost after a firmware update, the board is not passing audio, not working as expected or being unresponsive; you can reset your StudioLive to its Factory Default Settings.  Check out this link in our knowledge base:

Also if you want to keep your user created presets or scenes, you will need to back them up. Check out this link in our knowledge base: