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Studio One 3 Software wont recognize/see the Audiobox iTwo that is connected to my PC; can you help?

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asked Jan 2, 2016 in Studio One 3 by troyarmand (140 points)
PC Windows 8, Pre Sonus Bundle Package w/AudioBox

1 Answer

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answered Jan 2, 2016 by gadget69 (30,260 points)
Did you register your products in your My Presonus account? Did you download the drivers and install the latest versions from your account? Does the i2 show up in your [settings > control panel > Sound ...playback and recording panels? if not, have you tried a different USB cable?
commented Jan 2, 2016 by gadget69 (30,260 points)
Also, in S1/3 you should have a setup menu on the front page of S1/3, see if the i2 shows up may need to reinstall the drivers, or the S1/3 software again, but do so from your MY Presonus account..  it's easier...