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Automation data as part of Music loop

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asked May 10, 2019 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by jimwoolfe (440 points)
Please can you add save  automaton data as part of the music loop file

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answered Jun 17, 2019 by davidcarlyon (570 points)
This would be really helpful. it kind of seems pointless to go through the process of saving all the presets and exporting if it does not save the automation data.

i think this comes back to the point that studio one absolutely NEEDS to implement Automation Items (as in Reaper)

It is unbelievably useful, saves loads of times and is an incredibly accurate way to work.

When you save presets in reaper, all automation data, items and lanes are saved. You can even save multiple tracks at a time.

I feel like when S1 v3 came out studio one was ahead of the curve - but there are a fe areas (automation being a major one) where it has not kept up.
I really want to make this my one and only DAW, and ideally i would love that to be S1 as i find it overall to be the most enjoyable to use.

Features like this - and an overall improvement of the way automation data is stored and saved/recalled would be a huge push in the right direction
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answered Jan 31, 2021 by Re-Style (140 points)
Add additional automation parameter in your MIDI. You can copy your Studio One automation track to your MIDI “block” after adding the automation parameter.