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Can you bring back the tap delay buttons on the FX Mute show/hide strip?

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asked May 10, 2019 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by peglegaudio (380 points)
I seem to remember a long time ago, when you showed the FX Mute buttons on the right side of the screen (UC Surface, iPad, 32R), it would also show the tap delay buttons in the same column. Now, you have to go to the FX screen itself. Can you put tap delay buttons in the FX Mute column again, for a single show/hide quick-access along with the mutes (allowing you to keep an eye on an RTA or fat channel in the process)? Perhaps in a top-to-bottom order of FX1 Mute / FX1 tap / FX2 mute / FX2 tap / etc... obviously, gray out the tap button if you are using an effect that doesn't have a delay built in (i.e. simple reverb). But quick access to the tap would be huge in a live situation. Thanks!

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answered May 17, 2019 by jonnydoyle (351,420 points)
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answered May 15, 2019 by danielsievert (11,320 points)
Unfortunately I've never seen Tap Tempo on that shortcut ribbon for my SL16R though I've also requested this feature. I'd like the ribbon to be a User Function Button strip so that we can assign the functions we want to it.