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Why do I lose output from auxes 9-14 on my SL32.4.2AI when connected to SLRM16?

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asked May 13 in Ai Mixers by davidhilliard1 (120 points)
We recently acquired a StudioLive 32.4.2AI console and StudioLive RM16AI mixer & AVB option card. When I use the AVB option card in the console, I lose output from auxes 9-14 (1-8 work OK). If I replace the option card with the card shipped with the console, I have all my aux outputs. I hope this is not expected behavior because I could really use some of the "upper" aux sends locally at the console. Thanks

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answered May 20 by wahlerstudios (55,120 points)
If you would use a RM32AI, all auxes would be available on the SL 3242AI. This has to do with the implementation (and the limits) of AVB first generation. As the RM16AI has no aux sends 9-16, it can not "mirror" the AVB streams and send them back to the SL board and its physical outputs. Unfortunately it is also not possible ot "shift" auxes from 1-8 to 9-16. It's fix 1-8 on a RM16AI and 1-16 on a RM32AI.

As far as I remember from my AI times...