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Will the Studiolive series 3 mixers work well with Propellerhead Reason 10?

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asked May 13 in AR Hybrid USB Mixers by jongraybeal (150 points)
I'm looking at the Series 3 and am wondering if it plays well with Reason 10? Full DAW control or no? Any info would be much appreciated, thanks!

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answered May 17 by jonnydoyle (177,830 points)
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Does Reason support MCU/HUI? If so, its possible.
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answered Aug 8 by christhomas15 (2,490 points)
Yes reason 10 is supported. But to be honest compose your instrumentals in reason 10 bounce the wav tracks to studio one 4 professional and mix them. Less dsp plus instead of a series 3 you could get the cs18ai cheap and a studio1810 together which is a series 3 together and works in studio one 4 pro like a c24 and pro tools. That can save you money. And you can get a b.e.h.r.inger bcf2000 dirt cheap to control reason 10