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Studio 1810 as Standalone Device?

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asked May 15, 2019 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by alexanderpeter (120 points)
Is it possible to use the Studio 1810 in Standalone mode after setting it up with UC control. I.e. does it remember the last settings after power cycling (like the bigger Focusrite Saffire / Clarett devices...). The idea is to have fixed setup to provide a Keyboard Submix to FoH by 2 channels, and an additional Monitor Mix by another two channels...

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answered May 15, 2019 by edramsey (2,140 points)


In my experience the 1810 changes its mind frequently on how it wants to be internally configured. It could be a matter of having it connected to my DAW and when I load a new S14 Song it gets adjusted. I haven't quite figured out what makes it decide to change.

I would want to do some serious testing before I took it live, and/or allow plenty of time to dial it in before the show. I have been embarrassed during tracking sessions when loading a new template and the internal (UC) settings changed and I had to track it down with others waiting.

Good luck!