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Allow Studio1824c to run as standalone

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asked Feb 6 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by jean.labrosse (150 points)
I would like to request that the Studio1824c work as a standalone.  Sometimes, I just want to play music and NOT have to turn on my Mac but I can't since the 1824c DOESN'T work without the Mac running.  I find that ridiculous.  The 1824c is AWESOME 'except' for this issue.  It's not like I 'would have used' a mixer, I just have 6 inputs currently of which, one is my keyboard, another is a BOSS RC505 mk2 loop station and the third is a Roland MC707.  The 1824c has everything I need for this use.  I also have a StudioLive 32S console at a different location.

Please Please Please, allow the 1824c to work as a standalone!

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