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Enable automation of Sample Start & End Points in Sample One XT & Impact XT.

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asked Feb 4 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by Dj Momo (240 points)
As of now it's not possible to automate sample start & end points in both Sample One XT & Impact XT.

Enabling it would open a lot of creative ways to manipulate samples.

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answered Feb 10 by wltchris (1,310 points)
Absolutely! This needs implementing!
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answered Mar 31 by lewpshekla (1,100 points)
This should be standard!? I want to see the transient detection slider available in SampleOne XT and Impact XT to. Adjust sensitivity and it auto maps chops across keys or pads on both instruments. This would be tremendous feature and would bring a lot of new user to this wonderful software in my opinion!!?
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answered Oct 19 by nobleartdk (500 points)

I agree! Please make it happen yes

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answered Oct 25 by juliusjonker1 (790 points)
A real oversight! Should be implemented soon.