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Impact XT & Sample One XT feel unfinished: Some simple, essential and realistic improvements

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asked Oct 9, 2021 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by tiagoribeiro3 (1,070 points)
edited Oct 10, 2021 by tiagoribeiro3

On this article, I will try to be as realistic as possible regarding PreSonus intentions, trying to be as neutral as possible

I want to start by mentioning Logic Pro X's new sampler which resembles, in many ways, Sample One XT, there is no deny that they took some inspiration from it. The big difference is that they did it right. By now I feel like Studio One samplers are unfinished, but there is so much potential to be unleashed!

Sample One XT:

  • The addition of a new tab! "Slicer" (for exemple). In terms of functionality, there is no limitation with the mapping tab, in theory we can do whatever we want, BUT his current workflow takes an unmeasurable amount of clicks, time and kills every bit of inspiration, which is unacceptable. So, please, simplify that by adding a knew tab where we can slice by grid, transients or manually, and the chops are automatically assigned to the keyboard. Nothing too complex and without compromises

Impact XT:

  • Better sample navigation experience! We cannot rely only on drag and drop for this one, we should be able to pick a sample somewhere on the browser and assign it to a pad as we want, without having to touch the mouse, that's really necessary.


  • This suggestion is just a natural complement to everything I said, which is the implementation of those features and the already existing ones taking in consideration that we want the ability to map them on MIDI, at least on the atom controllers, since the developers have total control over them. When I say that I mean every single parameter on the blue box of impact and sample one:
  • Start and End Point of a sample, Pad Focus, Reverse, Normalize, Trigger, Layer Mode, Choke etc. All super powerful functions that shouldn´t require mouse movements and, again, atom controllers have the potential to do so.

That's all i have to say, I tried to be realistic and clear, this forum is filled with super creative and powerful suggestions, but on this post I'm just trying to be gentle with the developers, suggestion simple and reasonable implementations without compromises.

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answered Dec 7, 2021 by MANOVA (720 points)
I agree with everything above.

I would ad my stone with 3 more requests:

1- Add a real time stretch knob button for every pad

3- Make layering easier .For exemple you could create a button to unify and group the banks we want. C1 in bank A would be C1 in bank 2 if we choose to unify them, this way can layer more easily.

3- Add a real delay start button i mean a button that would add a silence before the start  of the sample
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answered Feb 26, 2022 by aarenalseri (260 points)
Yes, agree with the above, and would like to be able to group/route samples to different outputs. (

I get around this currently by duplicating sample one to a different track, and muting the midi notes I don't want triggered, then grouping the midi sections so I can still enter the midi but have the samples in each instance routed to a separate channel. It's ok, takes a lot of time but since I do a lot of work using Sample one, its unavoidable.

I know I can do this in impact, but if I'm using multiple slices from one piece of audio, i'd have to commit to the slices, bounce and then add each individual slice to impact...not convenient for me.
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answered Jul 12, 2022 by clericus- (300 points)
I totally agree.  We need a more features.  I like s1 but I seem to be using it more these days for just mixing/audio editing and Reason/Logic  for making music.
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answered Jan 8 by roberthopper (190 points)
It's 2024 and these still drive me crazy. Not being able to map sample start/end time is a real bummer. Is this difficult to change for developers?
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answered Jan 12 by AlexIk5938 (1,060 points)

    In Studio One, I feel like a Lamborghini driver on a racing track with speed bumps every 5 meters and a speed limit of 10 miles per hour.

    To scroll the browser by one page, I have to activate the mouse wheel event as many times as there are samples on my display vertically – that's 30 timesнахмуритися. In other programs, it's enough to trigger the mouse wheel event once or twice for this.

    To scroll through a console with 70 tracks from one end to another, I have to launch the mouse wheel event, just think about this number – 300 timesплаче. Meanwhile, in any other program, it takes 5-15 times for the same action

    To draw a MIDI note and instantly erase it, in other programs (FL Studio and Reaper), I need to perform two actions. In Studio One, it's twice as much, making it four actions. Moreover, there are situations where it's challenging to aim to erase a note because on small notes, the cursor constantly flashes, changing functionality from one to anotherсумний.

    If I found a sample in the browser that I want to open in a new Sample One instance, I can't simply drag the sample onto the track panel. I have to right-click on it, then left-click, choosing menu optionsнахмуритися.

    This list can go on. And it seems not only PreSonus is not bothered by this but also many users, or perhaps people prioritize other requests, such as "change the menu color" which may be more important for their workflowсмайлик.

    In general, the Presonus team could explore the user experience of popular programs, compare it with their own, and improve truly crucial aspects of UX in their software, gaining more followers among usersпідморгування.

Regards, Alex.