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Impact XT & Sample One XT feel unfinished: Some simple, essential and realistic improvements

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asked Oct 9 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by tiagoribeiro3 (470 points)
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On this article, I will try to be as realistic as possible regarding PreSonus intentions, trying to be as neutral as possible

I want to start by mentioning Logic Pro X's new sampler which resembles, in many ways, Sample One XT, there is no deny that they took some inspiration from it. The big difference is that they did it right. By now I feel like Studio One samplers are unfinished, but there is so much potential to be unleashed!

Sample One XT:

  • The addition of a new tab! "Slicer" (for exemple). In terms of functionality, there is no limitation with the mapping tab, in theory we can do whatever we want, BUT his current workflow takes an unmeasurable amount of clicks, time and kills every bit of inspiration, which is unacceptable. So, please, simplify that by adding a knew tab where we can slice by grid, transients or manually, and the chops are automatically assigned to the keyboard. Nothing too complex and without compromises

Impact XT:

  • Better sample navigation experience! We cannot rely only on drag and drop for this one, we should be able to pick a sample somewhere on the browser and assign it to a pad as we want, without having to touch the mouse, that's really necessary.


  • This suggestion is just a natural complement to everything I said, which is the implementation of those features and the already existing ones taking in consideration that we want the ability to map them on MIDI, at least on the atom controllers, since the developers have total control over them. When I say that I mean every single parameter on the blue box of impact and sample one:
  • Start and End Point of a sample, Pad Focus, Reverse, Normalize, Trigger, Layer Mode, Choke etc. All super powerful functions that shouldn´t require mouse movements and, again, atom controllers have the potential to do so.

That's all i have to say, I tried to be realistic and clear, this forum is filled with super creative and powerful suggestions, but on this post I'm just trying to be gentle with the developers, suggestion simple and reasonable implementations without compromises.

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