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How can we get the right-click over cuemix volume " apply to fader "X" on faderport16" to work?

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asked May 21, 2019 in Mixing by johndekker (330 points)
recategorized May 22, 2019 by johndekker
I'm running StudioOne 4 Pro with a Faderport 16 and an AudioBox 44VSL.  I get that I don't have Cuemix control on the Faderport. It is frustrating though when I right-click on the cue mix volume bar and a dialogue box pops up that says "assign volume to fader "x" on Faderport 16" Fader "x" being the last fader I moved.  But if I click on it, nothing happens.  No control.  It seems like the ability to map a fader to whatever I want is there but something is missing. Is this a StudioOne issue or a Faderport issue?

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