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Atom + Nekat Impact GX 61 - USB Device undetected WIN 10

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asked May 21, 2019 in Atom Pad Controllers by norbertgrzegorczyk (190 points)

I connected the atom controller, installed universal control, upgraded the controller to version 3.0, in the studio one this work without any problem. I have attached the Impact nectar gx 61 which I use on a daily basis and has always worked. Windows cast an error about the problem with usb (I switched between usb ports and nothing), previously configured ports have disappeared from studio one (external devices). The computer can not see the Nektar Impact keyboard at all.

"orb" appeared after the installation of the atom

Please help

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answered May 21, 2019 by norbertgrzegorczyk (190 points)
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SOLUTION: Simply uninstall universal control app.  Now everything works as it should.