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Drag 2 mono tracks into a stereo track in Arrange View

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asked May 21, 2019 in Mixing by sbr (1,330 points)
edited May 23, 2019 by sbr
Would be a nice feature to drag  2 mono tracks on to a stereo track in edit view.

(and not have to do a mixdown or locate both files in browser and merge to stereo and drag back in to the song)

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answered Jul 1, 2019 by jamesrussell14 (420 points)
Thank you, yes, I love this program but my mind is beyond blown that this doesn't exist.

I'd LOVE to know how experienced professionals can use Studio One and not miss this.  I think I'm clearly not understanding something. I guess recording a mono track and then selecting output to "stereo" works for most people's needs?
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answered Jan 17, 2020 by andreasfranzmann (3,280 points)
YES, that is a must! Coming from Pro Tools, my main workflow has been smashed in Studio One ever since. That beeing: Having two mono tracks (for two mics) on RECORD for my acoustic guitar. After recording I grab these two tracks and put them on a stereo track. And keep repeating...

And IF there was a phase problem (which I usually check first), the other way around (= drag one stereo track on to two mono tracks) is a MUST, too. That's so intuitive in Pro Tools. In S1 this is a hidden command somewhere in the browser..

Please fix this! Thanks a lot!