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Notion usability Windows 10 tablets

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asked May 22, 2019 in Notion by gerritjansevanrensburg (160 points)

Good day,

For owners of a Windows 10 tablet that supports a pen, like MS Surface Pro or Surface Book and even Surface Studio, it is good that Notion offers hand-writing input!  This works very well.

The concern here is that the Notion application seems like it is in its core still a legacy Windows desktop application and doesn't support for the new usability features of Windows 10, specifically for tablet users.

The user interface in the recommended resolution of 3000 x 2000 on a Surface 10 - 13 inch screen is extremely small and unpleasant to use.

When you support hand-writing recognition in your product, it means you put yourself in direct competition with a product like StaffPad, which means that you are in competition of all the usability features which a true Windows 8+ app provides.  I would strongly suggest that the development team convert notion into a true Windows 10 App.  

The integration into Studio One plus all the other features is great - I would urge you to stay relevant in the market and keep on making Notion greater.


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answered Jun 8, 2019 by chrisnolan1 (140 points)

I am also using a Windows tablet which is configured with the latest version of the Windows and the thing is that the Notion application is not getting accessed to that and it is happening because the user needs to disable the Microsoft compatibility telemetry high disk using the CMD and then try to reinstall the application.