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The wonderful Notion

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asked Sep 3, 2023 in Notion by christiangirard (400 points)
Bonjour à vous ,

I would like to say that I have been working with notion for my last orchestral piece. Notion is really the best software, it is amazing on the workflow, super easy to work with, can manage my Spitfire BBC Pro without problem and even the final result was beautiful. But when it is time to finish the score, bang, millions of problems (I'm on Mac Studio M1). I unfortunately had to go back to my old notation software (one of the big two). If Notion would make a big update, it could become the next big notation software. Really Presonus, I hope that you will make it.



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answered Oct 20, 2023 by RiccardoDi Giorgio (140 points)
Buongiorno scusate ma io non so dove inserire una mia richiesta riguardo a notion mobile dove vorrei  che voi implementate nel prossimo aggiornamento la possibilità di poter eseguire una performance musicale da tastiera di un brano eseguito con pedale sustain in tempo reale trascrivendo il brano in notion come suonato dal vivo. Ringrazio lo staff....