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Will I be able to finish songs started with S1 V2 when I upgrade to S1 V4?

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asked May 22 in Studio One 4 by mjrugg2003 (120 points)
I am getting ready to upgrade from Studio One Pro Version 2 to Studio One Pro Version 4. I have a number of unfinished songs that basically need vocals and back vox and I am wondering if I will be able to finish those in S1 V 4 and then mix and master and have all the tracks that were recorded through the old version be present in the song when I finish after my upgrade?

thank you.

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answered May 26 by tothrec (1,970 points)
I've finished songs that were started in version 3 after getting version 4.  S1 warns you that you will not be able to open them up in the older version.

Isn't there a limited time demo of version 4 you could install and verify?  You can have more than one version of S1 installed at a time.