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Same internet connection issue as Plugin Scanner with my Studio 192 mobile interface, after 4.5 Update

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asked May 24, 2019 in Studio 192 USB 3.0 Interfaces by georgegalanos1 (2,820 points)
As with Plugin Scanner, SO 4.5 won't see my Studio 192 Mobile interface,  unless I am connected on the internet. Very bizarre behavior, cause the card actually works fine, it sees it as Studio 192, but on SO mixer, it won't show up at all, the "audio device controls" box is greyed out, although sound is coming out as normal, and I can change speaker outs etc from the UC mixer. If I am connected to the internet, than everything works as normal, but the strange thing is that if I open a project and everything is working ok as long as I am connected, as soon as I disconnect the computer from the internet, even with an open project, it goes back to not working instantly, even disabling the inputs of the card, inside SO. Something is very seriously wrong with this 4.5 update. I DO NOT WANT to have to be connected on the internet all the time, and its not even an option for me. Do something, and do it fast please, its impossible to work.

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