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16.0.2 aux 1thru4 have no output

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asked Jun 20, 2019 in StudioLive Series III by anton7843 (150 points)

16.0.2 aux 1thru4 have no output. I see output levels on meters but no sound. Aux 1 got strange digital noise. 2-3 dead quite.

Did a factory reset thru UC loaded firmware - no result.

Seems like a time to repair.


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answered Feb 19 by jonnydoyle (252,120 points)
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answered Feb 16 by mohammadborhanbohari (240 points)
Hi Anton7843,

I have the same experience with my SL16.0.2 which I purchased recently. I did a test using pre-amp to boost the signal and its work. However, I do not find this a good way to work with. Usually, I will take Aux output direct to my power amp.