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How can I get the DP88’s I/O (ADAT 1-8) to be heard through hardware inserts?

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asked Jun 20, 2019 in PreAmps, Signal Processors and Monitoring Hardware by drewmcguire (140 points)

Gear being used

  • Presonus Quantum interface (Master)
  • Presonus DP88 (Slave)

Hardware Inserts

  • I know that when using the inserts as plugins in Pro Tools for your outboard gear, the only way to hear what your outboard gear is doing back into pro tools is to have every input and output align exactly.  So insert 1 – Output = 1 and input =1.  Makes sense.

What I know

  • With the Quantum interface as the master, the I/O reports from the driver to Pro Tools something like – Analog 1-8 >>>> SPDIF 9-10 >>>> Optical 11-26.  All good here.  Makes sense.
  • However with Hardware inserts tab, it does not separately designate Analog, SPIDIF, Optical.
  • Instead it just has Quantum – 1-27.  This too makes sense.

The issue

  • I cannot hear the ADAT channels from the DP88 coming back into the insert when using 11-26.
  • Knowing that, for example if I were trying to use an insert to go out to a compressor… Any of the inserts routed to 1- 8  work no problem.  Boom I hear my compressor.
  • When I get to using the ADAT inserts (which start at 11 in the I/O) it is not heard.
  • If I look in Universal Control, I see that the output and input are not just an extension of the Quantum ….. 11-27… Instead it starts the numbering all over so what should be 11 is instead A1-A16.
  • My hunch is this is the reason I cannot hear the insert.  Pro tools is looking for 11>11 but instead it has started over at A1 and since Analog 1-8 are already out to in, it must think that instead of A1, it should be coming back through something labeled in/out 11. But maybe it is seeing A1 as not matching up to the number to number rule in pro tools.

The Question

  • How can I get the DP88’s I/O (ADAT 1-8) to be heard through hardware inserts?

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