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Release a control API for the Revelator series

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asked Feb 25, 2022 in Revelator Series by giacobbinopozzo (520 points)

A lot of people in my community (and I) have been noticing that the main thing missing from the Revelator series of product is hardware control over levels, mutes and mixes.

The best way to do this would be for Presonus to release a nodeJS / Javascript control API or at least documentation about the protocol used by Universal Control to communicate with UC Surface.
So that control over the Revelators could be achieved on a Stream Deck, Loupedeck, MIDI Mixer and all other control surfaces and applications.

Please take this suggestion in serious consideration. It's really the weak point of the Revelator range of products at the moment and having an open approach, leading to multiple control solutions could really increase the popularity of said devices.

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answered Feb 25, 2022 by tholegars (270 points)
This would be awesome. I'm just so exited lmao
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answered Feb 25, 2022 by julienfabbro (230 points)
It's definitely needed !

Many people are looking for this API and there is nothing available !
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answered Feb 28, 2022 by jackwilliams20 (210 points)
This would add a lot of scope to device usage! :)
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answered Mar 17, 2022 by stephans1 (220 points)
I would highly appriciate that too!
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answered Mar 25, 2022 by franckdalot (230 points)
Operation with a Stream Deck would be really nice !
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answered Jul 27, 2022 by jasongurtz-cayla (840 points)
This could be a good workaround for an existing bug too! Currently the revelator sometimes loses its settings when the host PC reboots. This probably doesn't matter for streamers, but in a studio it's pretty annoying. Would love to hit a button on a midi control surface to recall my scene!
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answered Dec 20, 2022 by vnobtkrq (150 points)
Sorry to bump an older post, but universal control is not very great, it keeps resetting on reboot all the time and because they're no external control you can't use MIDI/stream decks to control the faders. It's so nice to have the virtual audio devices, but having to use software faders to balance the level is really annoying.
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answered Dec 29, 2022 by williamgrant4 (230 points)

Would be great if they implemented this using Open Sound Control

Many other big players in the realtime audio world use this. It is essentially the spiritual successor of MIDI.

A huge benefit of this is that it is very easy for third party implementations to access/control since the standard is known and there are lots of libraries to facilitate the communication.

Some notable examples:

  • Beh****er digital consoles - and the 3rd party control app industry that has sprouted up
  • DiGiCo digital consoles
  • Ableton Live / Logic / REAPER / Digital Performer / Reaktor / Max/MSP / Processing / 
  • OBS plugins that allow remote control via OSC