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Trouble with Apr 2019 release of UC Surface on iPad? Anyone?

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asked Jun 21, 2019 in UC Surface / Qmix by jonsimpson (170 points)

Apr 2019 release of UC Surface has touchscreen issues on Android....anyone having similar problems with the iPad version?  

When I tweak a setting in Fat Channel on my android tablet, it doesn't sense when I take my finger off the screen.  Touching the screen again will get me out of "edit" mode, but also enter a random value for the setting I was even does this in demo mode, so it's not an issue with either of my Presonus mixers.  Totally useless on android!!!!

Previous versions of UC Surface (android) never did this.  It's ridiculous to release an app that has obviously NOT been tested.  People are complaining of this issue in the Play store reviews, I'm surprised to be the first to bring it up here??!?!

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