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Track: notation and sequencer staff all-in-one. Recording CC on notation track possibility

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asked Jun 25, 2019 in Notion Feature Requests by 1khzmailru (200 points)

After tests with demo version:
For comfortable work next features required:

1) Tracks must contain notation and sequencer staff ability at once (CC messages recording and editing on notation track). Also,
a function "Show/hide CC data on notation track"  will be appreciated.
2) Also, the possibility to delay (and especially negative delay) needed as an option in Rules (for VST instruments with large latency on some patches. for example legato on CSS has 333ms delay. Notion as host application must be able to compensate such things.
3) Customizable hotkeys. User must be able to switch any function by pressing only one key (for example, real-time record. There is a nightmare to start record by pressing 3 keys: 2 keys Cmd+R at once and then additional Space...)

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answered Oct 4, 2019 by matthieudulong (230 points)
Exactly, it is so essential nowadays to have these functions in Notion (like another competing music notation program that already has it despite the fact that it is newer on the market ...)!

Other people please upvote, it is urgent to have this in Notion 7 (fingers crossed) !